vancouver domain registration

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5U Website Design makes domain registration a breeze. We provide both free consultation and Domain Search Service so you can choose a website name that reflects your business. We used to write an article regarding domain registration for Better Business Bureau's BizSmart News. Those suggestions were sent to all accredited businesses and its title is "Choose a good domain".

As an added bonus – we provide this service in both English-language domain registration and Chinese-language domain registration (refer to our International Domain Name registration service). You may find that one or the other works best for you…or you may want to capture both markets!

After we register the domain for you, we configure and test your website for optimal, hassle-free use.

Ready to manage your domain? Get ready to tackle terms like A Record, MX Record, and Name Servers... If you’re not up for the challenge, let us manage the domain for you!

Last but not least, you’ll need to renew your domain before it expires or you lose it and be forced to re-brand your company. While we manage the domain for you, we’ll remind you of upcoming renewal dates  so you never miss a deadline. Contact us now to get your domain registration done!