Some of our customers have noticed that our website now looks different to what it was. This is because we had just finished our 2015 website revamp project, yeah! It is a result of the whole team's effort, we will go celebration after this post is done, so let's keep it short!

A website should be revamped after it is developed for a few years. A revamped website can take advantage of the new Internet technology and enhance the users' experience. For example, the 2015 version of had the following improvements:

  • It is now mobile friendly. You can browse our website easily with your small screen smart phone. In addition, mobile friendly is also important for search engine friendly now
  • We uses more HTML 5 and CSS 3 as most users' computers/browsers now support them
  • Important images (such as the icons at will not be blurry when viewed with high-definition monitors
  • More meaningful and clear navigation
  • More contemporary design/style
  • More userful website related resources

Website revamping is more about a simple upgrade, it is your opportunity to re-structure your website, and use the latest mature technologies. If your current website had been launched for more than 5 years, feel free to contact us for how we can make it better.