joomla 3.7.1 security release

As stated in the image from the Joomla official website: "Keep your sites up to date!"

This is important. The "Wanna Cry Attack" news had captured enough attentions these days. Computers without the latest update patches can be easily hijacked. What about websites without the latest patches?

They are extremely vulnerable too. This is because websites are linked to Internet 24x7, hackers could perform an attack whenever they find a little hole to get in.

This is why developers in the world are working so hard to fight against hackers. One of these team is the GREAT Joomla! Developers. They had released a bug fix patch to address high priority security issues including SQL injections. 

As many Joomla websites we developed were used for marketing purposes, we had immediately installed this patch for all Joomla 3.7.0 websites managed by us at the same day the patch was released.