A company's official website could make a great first impression for future customers. Therefore it should be professional, beautiful and easy to use. 5U had developed many content publishing website (aka. content management system or CMS) for companies and organizations. As an ideal solution for information publishing, such on-line platforms is capable for the following tasks:

Vancouver company website development services

  • Unlimited pages
  • In-site search
  • Efficient content publishing
  • Mobile friendly
  • Files download
  • Image and videos
  • About Us
  • Services/Products
  • FAQs
  • Latest Updates
  • Portfolios
  • Job Opportunities
  • Resources
  • Contact Us


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In addition, our customers can take advantages of the following features of a content publishing website:

Taking feedback

A company's official website can collect feedback provided by its users. This interactive feature not only enrich the website contents, but also increase connections between different website users.

One Click sharing

When a visitor is browsing your website, their friends and family members are just one-click away. Each web page can be shared to the visitors' social media account via a single click so that the URL is shared within their networks.

Easy In-site search

The website contents are indexed and therefore can be easily found by typing a keyword in the search field.

Environmental friendly

You don't need to use any paper or ink for our content publishing website. Imagine how many trees can be saved, if your company or organization have to publish lots of information for multiple people.

Multiple access level control

To minimize interfering and maximize work efficiency, a content publishing website could setup different accounts for different content managing tasks. For example, Jack's account can only publish product information, and Lucy's account can only update the "Latest News" section.

Multi-Lingual support

Canada is proud for its Multi-cultural diversity. Immigrant customers are more likely to deal with companies with a website displaying information in their mother languages. 5U had developed many multi-lingual company official websites to help them win customers speak languages other than English.

Instant update

We provide professional training tutorials for each websites we developed so that people can update website contents by themselves. Neither special software nor skill is needed. You can update your website's content instantly with any computer connected to Internet. You save both time and money from working with a website designer.

Mobile friendly

There are more and more visitors using their cell phones or tablets to browse Internet. The mobile trend is irreversible. We develop responsive websites to adapt size-varying screens. The layout is friendly for small screen devices so that all users can browse your website easily and smoothly.

Make your website to do more

There are always new possibilities for your website. While simply selling online can no longer meet you needs, we can help you to develop extended features to finish more tasks and save you more time. Please refer to "Custom-made website system" development service for more information.

Big data analytics can lead to better ROIs

Your monthly promotional bills is usually more expensive than the one time website development invoice. Do you know which advertisements are working well and which ones are not? We could help you to develop websites and analyze your visitors behavior for better return-on-investments (ROIs) results. You can then make wise decisions by focusing your resources on the most valuable media.

Create targeted and specific Internet campaigns

We develop websites that work together with Google. We can also create Pay-Per-Click Google Adwords campaigns to target your potential buyers specifically. Marketing budget will be spent on people most likely to buy from you to increase your return-on-investments.

Low Cost

A company could publish as much content as needed without paying more to the website developer. Furthermore, a website can work 24x7 and serve multiple customers at the same time. The money saved on employment and administration can be used for the most needed tasks.


YOUR website is different to those you rent from another company. You are not constrained by the templates, use whatever design like, and you can develop functions you needed. You can keep the website forever, in contrast to losing the whole website and its data simply because you want to switch to another server provider, or the server provider is no longer in business.

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