Do you have something to sell? Sell them on Internet!

Compared to traditional physical stores, a shopping cart website (i.e. E-Commerce Website) could operate 24x7 and serve customers around the world. While an online shop is easy to manage, you don't have to hire people to serve your customers, and you can save money on monthly rent, strata fees, and applicable insurance cost.Our"5U" goal will help you to solve the technical issues and help you to develop a professional shopping cart website. You can easily manage your products and sell them to your customers. The website will take the payment and generate orders for you automatically. Check the following features out by move your mouse cursor on top them.

Vancouver E-Commerce website design and development services

  • Unlimited products & categories
  • Search with combined conditions
  • Flexible sale discounts
  • Managing products and orders
  • Low cost
  • Price varies for customers
  • Calculate sales taxes
  • Secure credit card payments
  • Streamlined shopping experience
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Powerful management system
  • Support multi-currencies
  • Tier pricing
  • Customer reviews

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An in-person tutorial is included for each E-Commerce website we developed. 5U's clients will not only know how to manage their website's contents, but also take advantage of the following features after the training.

24x7 Business hours

Your shopping cart website is open around the clock. It works as normal on Christmas Eve and New Year's day to server your customers.

One-click Share

A visitor can share the product she/he is viewing with friends and family members via a single click. The page URL is automatically posted to their social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) account so that people interested in the same product can check it out easily.

Precise marketing

You can view and analyze orders placed at your E-Commerce website and use the collected data to make marketing decisions. You can even send customized promotional newsletter emails to your customers. Please refer to Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)for more information about sending sales emails.

Efficient website management skills

We had summarized the most useful and practical website management skills for our customers. They can upload thousands of products more quickly and more accurately.

Compare products

Your customers can select a few products then compare them in a table for pricing, images, description and other parameters. The straight-forward view can help them to make buying decisions.

Related products

Shopping cart websites can recommended related products to potential buyers. For example, printers are displayed as related products for people viewing a computer tower, while chairs will be shown as related for shoppers of a dining table. The related product option will not only optimize the shopping experience but also increase sales.


When a customer is browsing on a product's detail information page, the system can show her/him other products of the same type but with higher prices. It could provide customers a few more options to choose from.


On the checkout page, your website can still show a few products to the buyers before taking their payments. These small products are similar to magazines, batteries and chewing gums beside the cashier of a physical store.

Custom options

You can let your customer to make a choice for certain products. For example, a customer can choose paper box or wooden box for a product's package. While a website administrator can easily create these options, he/she can also set how these options affect the price. For example, charge $5 for choosing a wooden box package.

Multi-Lingual support

Canada is proud for its multi-cultural diversity. Immigrant customers are more likely to buy products from a website displaying information in their mother languages.

Instant update

We provide professional training tutorials for each websites we developed so that people can update website contents by themselves. Neither special software nor skill is needed. You can update your website's content instantly with any computer connected to Internet. You save both time and money from working with a website designer.

Mobile friendly

There are more and more visitors using their cell phones or tablets to browse Internet. The mobile trend is irreversible. We develop responsive websites to adapt size-varying screens. The layout is friendly for small screen devices so that all users can browse your website easily and smoothly.

Make your website to do more

There are always new possibilities for your website. While simply selling online can no longer meet you needs, we can help you to develop extended features to finish more tasks and save you more time. Please refer to "Custom-made website system" development service for more information.

Big data analytics can lead to better ROIs

Your monthly promotional bills is usually more expensive than the one time website development invoice. Do you know which advertisements are working well and which ones are not? We could help you to develop websites and analyze your visitors behavior for better return-on-investments (ROIs) results. You can then make wise decisions by focusing your resources on the most valuable media.

Create targeted and specific Internet campaigns

We develop websites that work together with Google. We can also create Pay-Per-Click Google Adwords campaigns to target your potential buyers specifically. Marketing budget will be spent on people most likely to buy from you to increase your return-on-investments.

Low maintenance fees

A shopping cart website can save much money on human resources, rent/insurance/strata/security fees, utilities and decoration costs.


E-Commerce websites we developed belong to our customers. Therefore they are different to the stores you rent from some companies by paying them a monthly rent. For example, you don't have to share your income with others or pay listing fees for each product you are selling. You won't be surprised by an unexpected website-closure due to violating regulations set by the companies you rent your store from and lost all your orders and customers' information. You won't lose all your customers and product/order records when you want to switch to another service provider. Your website won't vanish because the service provider is no longer in business. Again, you OWN the whole online store.

Serve multiple customers simultaneously

Thousands of customers can visit your stores and pay for their orders at the same time. They won't need to wait for a long queue to finish shopping. All orders are processed simultaneously.

It is a commonplace to shop on-line nowadays. People tend to compare products via Internet to save time and costs. If you have not setup a shopping cart website, please contact us for help.

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