Content Publishing Website Development

This solution is perfect for a company/organization that needs an official website. It can easily publish text, images and videos to introduce varies information.


E-Commerce Website Design & Development

Let your customers buy your products on-line. The shopping cart website will operate 24x7, register customers, generate orders and take credit card payments for you.


Custom-Made Website Design & Development

If you need your website to finish some special tasks, we can help. Write your requirements down and we are glad to discuss with you the ways to make them happen.



Your website introduces you to your customers, employees, and competition.

Your website is our website, so we understand your need to develop a memorable and inviting site that reflects your image and professionalism.

5U Website Design provides options that meet your needs – from simple content publishing websites, E-Commerce (i.e. shopping cart websites) to complex custom-made websites. Below are reasons for why you should work with 5U to achieve your goal.


Professional Website Planning

Website Design is not limited to the aesthetic part. Every website should have at least one goal (e.g. Let customer contact you or buy your products on-line) and it should be achieved by a deliberate design. We have plenty of website design experience to present your contents to potential customers and guide them towards the goal you set.

Efficient Communication

We not only speak the same language with you, but also understand what you are talking about. We respect different clients' cultural background and working habits. We cooperate with our customers and listen carefully for their needs and requirements. Our experience of website development also ease the communication and minimize your time spent on it.

Professional Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

With no doubts, a higher website ranking on the Search Engine Resulting Page (SERP) will bring you more business. Our knowledge of SEO is applied on all websites we developed and therefore make your website more visible to search engines. We will even teach our customers some useful tips for ongoing SEO duties.

We Do What We Promised

We guarantee that all websites will be delivered with what we have promised at the beginning. We care our reputation, honor and therefore the quality of each website we made. Every single project is carefully evaluated for its cost and time required. Once the contract is signed, we will bind to it.

Professional Standard Operating Procedures

We split a complicated website development projects into many smaller tasks. Each task is then completed according to its standard operating procedure (SOP) to ensure quality and speed. The ever evolving SOPs save our administration costs and therefore more resources can be allocated for website development.

We Keep Your Secrets Confidential

In order to display the most important information on websites, we need to understand your business. You might want to discuss plans/ideas of promotion strategy with us but definitely don't want to share such contents with competitors. We understand your concerns, and therefore will never disclose any sensitive information with other third party companies or individuals. We work for different clients of the same industry, but we protect everyone's privacy and secrets.

True Hassle-Free(5U)Experience

5U means hassle-free. We keep records for each website project and provide on-going support service to our clients. You work with us smoothly and we will tackle with hassles related to your website. We can even update your website's contents for you with a reasonable service charge so that you can focus on your business.