Your website is our website. We believe you need to stand out, so we work to develop a customized website tailored to your needs.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Initial consultation.  We meet with you and key stakeholders to determine your goals, your image, your background, and how you envision the future of your business or website. We assess your technical requirements and gather information about your current online presence.
  2. Research. We investigate your direct competition and build a portfolio of case studies in order to analyze how best to position your website on the web. We take into consideration your image, graphics, and vision.
  3. Contract. We deliver a contract written to make sure we’re both represented fairly. A deposit is collected at this time.
  4. Preview. We work behind the scenes to create an initial design that includes a site map, templates, functional specifics, analytic tools, SEO keywords, and graphics. We review with you all aspects of the preview site and gather feedback in order to fine-tune the final site.
  5. Develop. We create interfaces, security levels, administration access, themes, and widgets to put together your website. We test the website on multiple platforms to ensure compatibility across the web, we test security and password access, and test reporting functionality.
  6. Training. We provide tutorials and manuals for website management for clients who have selected Dynamic Website Solutions.
  7. Transition. Upon approval of the website, final payment is collected and website is launched. We conduct follow-up to ensure service levels are met and fix post-launch bugs, if any occur. We provide prompt, friendly technical support.