Customized Website Features

Customized websites are developed to automatically complete menial tasks. They not only work much faster, and longer, than a human can, they make fewer mistakes and increase efficiency, too. Governments, medium-to-large sized businesses and organizations alike can see great returns on investment when they opt for customized website development.

Customized Website Case Study

Customized Website
Case Study

Vancouver Customized Website Development

Chi Buttons

User Design Tools

A custom-made online design tool can integrate with an e-commerce solution. Allow customers to design their products online, then save their settings for future ordering.

Membership Systems

Members and non-members can have different access levels on a custom website. Memberships can be fee-based and purchasable online, creating more revenue opportunities for a business.

Vancouver Customized Web Functions

Fortune World Magazine

Professional Publishing Platforms

Publish information to the right webpage sections, for both desktop and mobile devices, on a pre-set schedule. It takes just a few, simple steps.

Access Controls

Staff can be assigned access roles on a custom website. This gives them the ability to do a single task, while not being able to change or see the rest of the site’s back-end.

Vancouver Customized Web Services

Vehicle Sales (Confidential)

Third-Party API Integrations

Using a specific API, custom websites can communicate with external data providers to obtain detailed information about a car, using only its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Data Filtering

A user can select conditions to narrow their search for a car, using several variables. E.g. Any Toyota Matrix or Honda Civic with a mileage of 20K or less, not exceeding $15,000.

N/A for Confidential Projects

Vancouver Custom Built Websites


Online Ticket Sales

Guests can RSVP, or buy event tickets online, using credit card gateways. This saves hours of admin work to otherwise manually confirm attendance, and collect payment.

Member Management

A user-friendly interface on a custom-made website can make it easy to manage hundreds of members in a database, with all their relevant information. It can also display them in an online directory, with certain privacy controls.

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Customized Website FAQs

Will 5U® Website sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with us?

Of course! We’ve signed NDAs with many of our custom website clients. We understand that many custom-built functions can be essential to competitiveness in the market. We will remain professional, and never disclose such information to outsiders. We also keep our relationship with clients confidential, if we are asked to.

Will you resell our customized website functions to another company?
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Do you provide tutorials on how to use the custom website you make for me?
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