E-commerce Website Features

E-commerce websites are open 24 hours a day. They can sell to worldwide audiences, and collect payments automatically. They make orders and reports readily available to business owners. Below are some of the benefits of building an e-commerce website:

E-commerce Website Case Study

E-commerce Website
Case Study

Vancouver E-commerce Website Design

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No Profit Sharing

E-commerce store owners avoid high sales commissions and unreasonable returns that multi-seller platforms require.

Easy Order Processing

Generate shipping labels and send automatic emails to customers about their order. Eliminate manual steps in your order processing system.


E-commerce Website Development


Physical Store Extensions

Sell more than what your physical store inventory can handle. E-commerce shows people all your options, even if products are currently out-of-stock, or hidden in storage.

Business-to-Business (B2B) Solutions

Sell to wholesale accounts with tax exemptions and bulk quantities. Limit these abilities to qualified business owners. Enjoy the automated process of e-commerce for wholesaling!


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Powerful Product Management

SKUs can be set up as variations of a parent product. E.g. One item is available in 6 colors and 20 sizes, creating 120 SKUs that you can track individually. Then, save time with batch edits among common attributes.

Inventory Control

E-commerce websites can automatically keep track of inventory. They can send automatic reminders when it’s time to replenish your stock.


Vancouver Shopping Cart Website Development

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Low Operating Costs

An online store can serve multiple customers at any time, without staff or other expenses.

Farther Reach

Online orders can be shipped to customers at their location. This way, distance doesn’t hinder sales. A physical store can only attract those who are nearby.


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E-commerce Website FAQs

How many products and product categories can an e-commerce website have?

As many as you want! There are no restrictions on the number of products you can display, nor the attributes you want to organize them by. When we make an e-commerce website for you, we’ll show you how to set these up, so you can manage your catalog on your own.

Can an e-commerce website accept payments by credit card, WeChat Pay and Alipay?
Will you provide training on how to use an e-commerce website you make for me?
Will I be able to see sales reports from my e-commerce store?
Who will own the e-commerce website you create for me?
Do you offer a warranty on e-commerce websites you make?
How long does it take to create an e-commerce website?
How much does it cost to create an e-commerce website?

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